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An Overheard Conversation About Christmas in Schools

Sunday, January 06, 2013

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A few weeks before Christmas I was at work-- I work at a grocery store-- and I overheard this conversation between two men that I never got a look of.

"John! Hey man!"

"Dave! Haven't seen you in forever! How ya been!"

"I been great man!"

"How's Angela?"

"Angela just started school! She's been in kindergarten a few months now."

"Oh yeah! Man, I can't believe she's that old already. how's she enjoying the first grade?"

"She's enjoying it a lot! Actually. You mind if I talk to you about something real quick? Kinda bothered me."


"So she got her first homework assignment this week."


"She's supposed to write a list of gifts she wants for Christmas."


"Now listen, I know what kind of society we live in."

I was in an aisle this whole time, and at this point my teeth were grit, because the conversation could have gone one of two ways, and one of those ways is super annoying.

"I know this is a Christian nation," the father said. "But you-- you just can't. Christmas? Come on. You can't do that to kindergarteners. I mean I know there are two Jews in the class-- and that's just that I know of! What if there are Muslims in that class? What if there are atheists?"

"Yeah man, I think that's such crap. I don't care what you believe, but how hard is it to just be sensitive? Why do you have to just think about yourself? Especially as a teacher, man."

And at this point the two started walking off and I couldn't hear the rest. But that little exchange really made me happy, because usually when you hear a snippet of a conversation that moves in this territory, it always moves in the opposite direction.

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