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There's an old saying. If you don't want someone to join a crowd, you ask them, "If everyone were jumping off of a cliff, would you?" Well, I have. So my answer would be "Yes". True story.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

this entry brought to you by sleater-kinney, "you're not rock n' roll fun"

I think a funny running gag for a sitcom or a movie would be if there was a married couple, and the wife always had a black eye. Now, at the begginning of the movie or episode, we the audience find out she has a black eye because she's into female boxing. Over the course of the story he face becomes bruised in different ways, and all the main characters assume it's because the husband beats his wife. So even though he's super friendly, every time he walks away all the main characters hate him. There should even be a point where one of the main characters runs into her at a grocery store alone and after a brief chat, tells her she could tell him anything, and that he wouldn't tell her husband, which really freaks her makes her super uncomfortable, making them further think he's beating her.

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