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The Two Fifteen Year Old Girls at The Avengers

Saturday, October 27, 2012

this entry brought to you by nine inch nails, "burn"

When we went and saw The Avengers, we'd waited until week five to see it, and were utterly annoyed when we walked into the theater and it was still packed. There was nowhere to sit where we wanted to sit, which meant we were forced to continue down to the front section, the most miserable of all sections. There were three available seats, and they were right next to two girls of about fifteen years of age.

Shit, I thought.

First of all, when you are not a 15 year old boy, it is weird to sit next to unattended fifteen year old girls. If they were with their parents, that would be another thing. But being a grown adult man, even if my own family were on my other side, it's weird to sit next to 15 year old girls. And yes, I could have sat my nine year old next to them, but I wanted her to have the aisle seat so she could run out to the bathroom if needed.

Anyway, these two girls that were sitting next to me were obviously quite in love with Robert Downey Jr. Every single time that he came on screen, they would clasp hands, and whenever he said something hilarious-- IE, every single time that he was on screen-- they would hold their breath, holding in a squeal, as if to not burst out in a cacophony of 15 year old girl giggles.

If I were a 15 year old boy and I was with them, I would have been annoyed out of my mind, even though they weren't even making a peep. Their sheer enthusiasm would have made me want to vomit. As a 15 year old boy, the antics of one 15 year old were way more than tolerable-- they were fantastic. One on one time with a 15 year old girl was everything in the world to me. Two fifteen year olds, Jesus Christ, just you could have just shot me. Any time I was with two fifteen year old girls, I would have literally rather have been doing anything else. More than two girls, and I felt like I needed therapy.

But as a grown adult, these girls not only weren't ruining my day by screeching and screaming, which is what I thought they would do, their active attempts at making no noise were positively adorable. When the movie was over-- they sat through the credits, just like we did, which made my heart shine-- I wanted to lean over and say "Hey, thanks guys, you were perfect angels, and your parents should be proud." But I didn't, because. Well, you know. Creepy.

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