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The First Presidential Debate, Obama V. Romney

Saturday, October 06, 2012

this entry brought to you by billy idol, "white wedding (part 1)"

I didn't watch the debates the other night, mostly because they would just make me angry. I already know who I'm voting for, so it doesn't matter to me who "wins". But I'm reading an article on, and I'm reminded why exactly I didn't watch the stupid thing. The media at large declared Romney the winner within hours-- fine. Except that fact-checkers have found dozens-- literally-- of falsiti es and half-truths from Romney, and only a few from Obama. So how in the hell can he have "won" the debate? A debate is won on who gives the most convincing argument, but when those arguments aren't based on anything, then it's really all performance, isn't it? So yeah, Romney performed better than Obama. Whoopty doo. I'm glad our election system is exactly as complicated as American Idol.

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