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PC Gamers Are Worse than Pedophiles

Thursday, August 23, 2012

this entry brought to you by a perfect circle, "judith"

I believe that PC gamers are worse than pedophiles. I mean, yes, pedophiles are bad people and they do fucked up things, but they never look down their nose at you if you prefer not fucking children.

When you want to buy a particular product and you're on-line inquiring about it, asking, "Hey, is there a way I can buy this product without fucking children?" generally speaking the next fifteen comments aren't "Why would you want to NOT fuck children? Psh. Console baby."

"OMG. You went out on a date with a girl and actually paid for it? *rolls eyes* I just go to a pirate website and get sex slaves and for free. I haven't paid to go on a date in twelve years. And also, my sex slaves are children."

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