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Kids Tell the Cutest Jokes

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

this entry brought to you by the fratellis, "flathead"


Yes Sweetheart!

I have a joke to tell you!

Awesome! Let's hear it!

What did the banana say to the clown?

What did the banana say to the clown, baby-doll?

He said, "Hey. You fucking smiling clown fuck. If you eat me, I'm going to haunt you. I am going to sit in your goddamn clown stomach and secrete poison, making you vomit. And I'll be in a vomit, slurry form, in your fucking clown toilet, and before you can even flush the toilet, I'll turn into a solid form, a banana-puke-slurry-monster, and I'm going to fucking choke your clown ass to death. How do you like that? Huh?"

HAHAHAHAHA! Isn't that a funny joke, daddy? *giggle*

*sigh* Honey, I told you, don't just make up jokes. That doesn't really have a punch line. You haven't developed the joke telling skill yet.

with love from CRS @ 8:10 AM 


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