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Kurt Cobain Didn't Just Get Famous Once He Died

Saturday, April 26, 2008

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It is probably true that if Kurt Cobain hadn't committed suicide, the adulation hurled on him wouldn't be hurled on him the way it currently is. However, something I always tell people that are younger than me who don't get them, Nirvana were the biggest things in the world at the time Kurt died. Kurt Cobain was on the cover of tabloids back then. How many real rock stars that gained relevance since Cobain died have been on the covers of tabloids? Hinder are one of the biggest rock bands in the world right now (much as it pained my fingers to type that), and they're also known for partying and being bad boys (IE, tabloid behavior) yet I don't even know what that douche bag lead singer even looks like. My point is, Nirvana was so huge and so famous that even gossip stuff cared about real rock and roll, versus pop stars like Madonna, Prince, or Michael Jackson for that brief instant. Certainly since then there have been people that have done music on the cover of tabloids, but none of them have been real rock stars. Time makes it easy to forget how huge an impact this band was. If Kurt Cobain hadn't died, but rather suddenly disappeared and became a recluse and there was nothing there to tarnish his image, Nirvana would be just as important now as then, whose name would still be spoken with as much reverence as it is... Albeit without quite the saintly worship.

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